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Just Thinking, How About You?

I am tired of Politicians trying to be Politicians.

All using the Same window dressing to cover their compromise to power. People  are disgusted with Politicians and they are Looking for a Leader.They are looking behind the curtain of broken promises. They see a leader who they watched on the television for years always justified His reasons for firing an Apprentice and the American people agreed with him. So the press can try to spin his words with their propaganda to diminish him as Leader because he does not fit the profile of their Idea of a Politician. But not this time people know that man his life is open book  He represents the “American Dream” and people will back a man who will once again make America  great again so that they can live that dream. I ask, the reader to look around. ..Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and live that dream?


A Novel: 88 Keys

Short synopsis 88 Keys

Lennon’s second book, 88 Keys, begins as a fairy tale one might tell to bribe a child to go to bed. The metaphysical tale is about a young prince who has an unusual form of Synaesthesia (unique phenomena that changes the perception of one’s senses). When the young prince plays the piano, his extraordinary gift allows people to see the colors of the notes which invoke deep emotions. His stepfather wants to exploit his ability to spearhead a revolt to free India from the British rule. The young prince realizes he must leave or India will go up in flames.

Yummy also has Synaesthesia and she is running away from an arranged marriage. Her unique ability manifests itself in sound. When Yummy hears sounds, she tastes them as well. This gift has been passed down in her family and is the secret to their success in the coffee trade. When she hears the crackling of the roasting beans, she can taste when they are at their peak.

As the two make their separate desperate getaways, their paths cross, a bond is formed and together they plan to escape India. A Buddhist monk always seems to appear when all their foes seem ready to close in on them and urges them on their way.

The friends and foes the fugitives meet are reminiscent of a Rudyard Kipling or Edger Rice Boroughs’s characters. This fantasy novel is based upon real history that Lennon twists to convince you that the events possibly could have happened this way.

This book is available at online book retailers.

Welcome to the world of visionary writing!


I categorize the genre in which I write as “Visionary Fiction”. I write my stories sketching in the characters, but leaving the details to the reader to complete the character. I try to draw the reader into the story by telling tales from the perspective of the character as they interact with the other characters in the novel. I enrich details just enough to add to the reader’s knowledge why events happen in the novel, rather than force a viewpoint of plot progression with poetic description. I write for the enjoyment of reading. To do this, I add roller coaster situations and controversy not to shock, but to make one think outside their normal comfort zone and to suspend their belief and embrace the story as a real possibility, and possibly change a reader’s perspective on life. My novels are based on 45+ years of studying Eastern philosophy. I live in a suburb 40 miles West of Chicago, IL. My only obsession in life is to swim at least one mile a week.