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My Banned Book: The Murder Glass

My book has been banned!

How this for a nice cryptic Email,

Dear Mr. Lennon

Thank you for submitting your novel for consideration to be included in the E book sections of a Major East Coast Public. Library System. Who will remain nameless.

We regret after reviewing your book The Murder Glass was rejected by the Library review board policy on content and ethic depictions.

When I asked for a name in order to appeal this decision and a more details to this denial

The reply The Library Public Relation dept stated there was no comment on the reason for this action the review was conducted on the policy of the board and the book did not meet the criteria of those guidelines on content and ethic depictions. 6.8 reference Critical analyses, interpretations, or judgments regarding the merit of literary or other works.

In my opinion, here is the real reason, Philosophic Religious viewpoint, and the protagonist controversial Culture race theory flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Yes there is some violence that is essential to the story, but it is not gratuitous.

An Individual took it on their self to censor when a controversial idea confronted their beliefs.

I could go and on but you read it and be the judge all comments and criticisms are most welcome I only ask, please actually review then voice your opinion or comment.

The Book can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers

The Murder Glass By Jerry W Lennon E book edition   ISBN-13: 9780744316902

Brief synopsis The Murder Glass,

The Murder Glass is a metaphysical tale about how karmic bonds throw together a diverse group of individuals who join for different reasons in a quest to find tangible proof in the ruins of an Essenes village in the Middle East that will prove beyond a doubt that all religious dogma has a common link. The group plans to assist the author in publishing a book based on their findings. What they uncover not only changes their lives, but starts them on an odyssey that touches on major conflicts the world faces today. Along the way they encounter various factions that will either aid them in their effort or try to stop them before the discovery can erode the status quo of conventional wisdom.