Welcome to the world of visionary writing!


I categorize the genre in which I write as “Visionary Fiction”. I write my stories sketching in the characters, but leaving the details to the reader to complete the character. I try to draw the reader into the story by telling tales from the perspective of the character as they interact with the other characters in the novel. I enrich details just enough to add to the reader’s knowledge why events happen in the novel, rather than force a viewpoint of plot progression with poetic description. I write for the enjoyment of reading. To do this, I add roller coaster situations and controversy not to shock, but to make one think outside their normal comfort zone and to suspend their belief and embrace the story as a real possibility, and possibly change a reader’s perspective on life. My novels are based on 45+ years of studying Eastern philosophy. I live in a suburb 40 miles West of Chicago, IL. My only obsession in life is to swim at least one mile a week.

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