Clifford and Veronica

Synopsis  of forth coming novel ‘Clifford and Veronica” 

Clifford is called to his Grandfather’s death bed. “Old Bull” realizes that once he is gone the family must change its ways in order for them to survive the 21st Century.  Old Bull knows that only Clifford has the qualities to lead the change of one of the oldest, notorious families — The Visconti’s — who secretly influenced the selection of the royal heirs to the thrones of Europe. Learning the Family’s secret makes it impossible for him not to accept the position.

Clifford knows that once his relatives learn he is chosen to head the Family, they will come after him with a vengeance. Having second thoughts about the burden he has agreed to undertake, he seeks refuge in the family plot. While loudly berating himself, for accepting the position, a bewitching woman hears his despair and tries to console him. Realizing that he needs more than mere words, Veronica demonstrates that she is more than capable of protecting him. What Clifford doesn’t know is that she is really the immortal Caretaker of the “secret” behind the Family’s influence. As their attraction to each other grows, hard decisions must be made in order to achieve the goals they set for the transition of the Family. The tasks get even more complicated when ruthless men behind the scenes of international power who have for years traced the rumors of the power of the Visconti’s see an opportunity to seize their unlimited wealth but they must act before Clifford is able to succeed in dragging his ego centric family kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Veronica must balance her love for Clifford, while not jeopardizing a promise made many centuries ago that if broken would endanger mankind evolutionary destiny.

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